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Developer's description

This prototype app is no longer supported. We’d like to thank all those who fed back and contributed. The feedback from this prototype mobile app has been  used to inform the new eRedbook mobile app which we will be scheduling a release for, in the meantime the full web version of the eRedbook is still available on

The eRedbook is an online version of the UK national standard Redbook, also known as the Personal Child Health Record (PCHR). The eRedbook allows a child’s parents or guardians to maintain an online record of their child’s health, from birth to five years of age.


e.g. Nursing & Midwifery council number


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  • Isobel Elliott  |  Member of the public  |  May 31, 2014

    I recommend this app for everyone, it works perfectly on my ipad as well as in my browser. I personally prefer it to the paper book, because it’s quicker and easier to fill out.

  • Martin  |  Member of the public  |  July 19, 2013

    This is awful, it does not seem to work with Microsofts Health Vault. I cannot get it to login which is very frustrating. It doesn’t seem to be live.